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Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies

Established by an Act of Parliament
Section 54 of the Sri Lanka Bureau of
Foreign Employment

››› Act. No 21 of 1985

All Foreign Job Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Following are the Complete employment opportunities that are being currently processed by all Foreign Employment Agencies of Sri Lanka. Rather than visiting all Foreign Employment Agencies, you can shop for your career Opportunities in this web site. Click on the job that fits you below to open an Application Form which will be immediately sent to the personal mobile number of the Agency that advertised the job. A simultaneous email will also be sent to the agent instantly. You will be shown the Agents contact data immediately after you Sent the application by a click. The agency will contact you very soon.

To view the vacancies by industry click here, by country click here, by alphabetical order click here and for zero fee recruitment click here.

Number of Positions :  68    Number of Vacancies :  769

We have vacancies in the following Industries. Please Click on the Industry to view jobs in that Indusry. Or Scroll down to view all vaccancies.

Agriculture (35)

Air Condition (6)

Automobile - Garage (20)

Boat Building (1)

Construction (344)

Domestic (104)

Electrical Appliance (5)

Furniture (31)

Garment (27)

General (12)

Hospital (61)

Hospitality (55)

Hotel (20)

Laundry (5)

Manufacturing (16)

Motor Spares (1)

Paultry (4)

Transportation (10)

Unspecified (2)

Upholstery (10)

Air Con Technician (10)

Cleaner (15)

Factory Manager (3)

General Manager (3)

Maintenance Manager (3)

Merchandise Manager (3)

Nurse Female (6)

QA Manager (3)

Waiter (10)

Country Index

We have vacancies in the following Countries. Please Click on the Country to view jobs in that Country. Or Scroll down to view all vaccancies.

Bahrain (22)

Bangladesh (26)

Egypt (1)

Hong Kong (100)

Japan (3)

Kuwait (60)

Malta (101)

New Zealand (326)

Qatar (81)

Saudi Arabia (34)

United Arab Emirates (15)

Vacancy Index

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