ALFEA Sri Lanka

Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies

Established by an Act of Parliament
Section 54 of the Sri Lanka Bureau of
Foreign Employment

››› Act. No 21 of 1985

About Us

This web site has been launched by the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies of Sri Lanka for public to view all foreign employment opportunities that are being currently processed by all Foreign Employment Agencies. In addition, the Foreign Employment agents engaging in malpractices, Foreign Employers who do not treat Sri Lankan Workers on agreed terms and conditions, The Agents in Foreign Countries, Sub Agents in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Employees who are indisciplined will be enlisted in this web site so that ALFEA members are aware of them when they deal with such listed persons. Ethical Practices in the Foreign Employment Trade is our main goal. Rather than visiting many agencies in search of a job, we have facilitated for you to search the job you need in this web site. We believe, by visiting this web site everyday, you will be able to find the job you need.