ALFEA Sri Lanka

Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies

Established by an Act of Parliament
Section 54 of the Sri Lanka Bureau of
Foreign Employment

››› Act. No 21 of 1985

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If you are looking for Sri Lankan Human Resources, we are glad to help you through our net work of recruiting agencies in sri lanka. please take few minutes to read our demography

Country Location-South of India.
Size of Country-An Island of 25000+ Square Miles.
Population-20 Million.
Ethnic Composition-Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers of Dutch Origin.
Literacy Rate-95% are literate.
Functional Literacy-Below 50%.
Languages-Sinhala, Tamil and English.
Education System-Free from LKG to PhD
Industry-Semi Industrialized. dependent on agricultural products like Tea, Rubber and Coconut. Garment Industry is widely spreaded all over the Island.
Availability of HR-Most categories are available. specially English speaking employees are widely available.
Discipline-As in any country, elements of indiscipline exists in our society too. But the workers from sri Lank are relatively of high discipline levels. This web site is intended of maintaining high degree of discipline among workers as well as among recruiting agencies through a mechanism of "Black List".

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