ALFEA Sri Lanka

Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies

Established by an Act of Parliament
Section 54 of the Sri Lanka Bureau of
Foreign Employment

››› Act. No 21 of 1985

Black List

ALFEA Black List

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What is the ALFEA Black List?

The Black List consists of two areas;

Employers in Foreign Countries, Foreign Recruiting Agents, Local Sub Agents, Employees, ALFEA Members who do not adhere ethical practices, violates conditions imposed by ALFEA and/or SLBFE and who fails to comply with ALFEA members.

Employment Applicants who apply for foreign employment and withdraw their applications without due cause while visas are being prepared, inflicting damages to foreign principals and recruiting agencies in Sri Lanka, who are disobedient at foreign work places, bring disrepute to Sri Lanka, employees who participates in illegal strikes, run away from work places, who do not complete employment contracts without due cause, who make false complaints to authorities and bring disrepute to recruiting agents, who make false declaration to media against recruiting agencies are listed under this category.

  • No such black listed person shall be given foreign employment by any member of ALFEA.
  • ALFEA members who do not comply with this will be removed from membership.
  • Black listed data is available for ALFEA members and other authorized users only.
  • ALFEA members shall not deal with anyone black listed herein.

These passports remain unclaimed in an agency office for past 16 years with visas issued, Air Tickets done but Applicants never return to agency. The total loss to Foreign Principal, Air Ticket Refund Cost, Cost to the Agency is in the range of Rs 40 Million (US $ 400,000). Some have been paid SLBFE charges. Can people be allowed to enjoy their liberties at the cost of others?